Mastering the situation

“You’re supposed to be on holiday!” My husband’s frustrated cry whenever he saw that look in my eye. We’d be in some pretty little souvenir shop, and I’d spot some curious object that would be just the thing for a particular lesson. I worked in special ed, and finding stuff to help children understand the world they lived in was an important part. So wherever we were, work would come with us. It also ate up every evening. I’d come home, make tea, then get straight back on till bedtime. And still I could always have done with doing more…and not unreasonably, my husband wanted some of my time too. Pulled and stretched.

I think this is some of what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 6:24 –

Matthew 6:24

Matthew 6:24

Yet the reality is, in today’s society, many of us are struggling to meet the demands of work, whilst juggling the requirements of home, family, health, responsibilities…not to mention church. No wonder God hardly gets a look in! How can we pray and focus on the bible when we are stretched ragged?

One solution that worked for me, was my constant prayer. God help me to do this faster and more efficiently. Help me achieve more in less time. I’d find ideas coming into my mind driving to and from work, or while I was making tea, or visiting the bathroom. Praying through problems before getting into bed at night, and my waking brain the next morning would often devise answers. Time in my study was then more productive, getting straight down to typing up the ideas – I could hit the ground running.

But there came a time when I had to fight my corner to reduce my working hours. Yes our income dropped, but so did the pressure. It was the right decision at that time. For some, it might be a tough decision to change or even give up work, or pay someone to do something that relieves the pressure.

God provides for every need. That’s a promise. So somewhere out there, is a solution to the problem. God does not want to be squeezed out of our lives, he wants to be right there in the front of the action. And that’s where we need him to be. That is the provision. If he is master of our lives, the rest can and will work. That’s a promise.


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