For thine is the kingdom

I’m writing as the results of the American election unfold. As fellow blogger Pieter Stok put it, the process has been “like observing a slow motion train wreck and being helpless to do anything about it.” 

And so I turn to the next section of the Lord’s Prayer. I’m looking for that section, “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever, and ever. Amen.” Only it isn’t there in my bible. I loved singing the wonderful crescendo of that part when we sang it at school. But it is absent in the very reputable NIV translation! There is plenty of discussion over whether Jesus included this in the original, but it is thought by many to have been added as a doxology – giving glory to God at the end of a section of worship. Hence its absence in later bible texts.

I’m not particularly arguing for the return of the missing bit of the Lord’s Prayer. I can add it on anyway, whether or not Jesus did – because I’m pretty sure he’d have had no problem with its sentiment. The content is totally scriptural anyway.

As the world apparently goes mad, isn’t it wonderful to know that the kingdom belongs to God. That ultimately he has all the power; that he can do anything; that he can take terrible situations and bring something good out of them; that he is totally faithful and worthy of the trust we put in him. And that, whatever happens, we can still give the glory to him.

You may not like the results of the American election; you may be rejoicing. You may be very, very fearful as to where this world is heading. It’s time to take your attention firmly away from where the media wants it to focus, and fix your eyes on a glorious, all-powerful king who needs no election, and who will reign for all eternity. God is still on the throne, no matter what.

And what about the election? Now, more than ever, it’s time to stop moaning and criticising, which achieves absolutely nothing, and time to pray, pray, pray without ceasing, for the rulers of this world, whoever they are. They really, really need it. For God’s is the kingdom. And the power. And the glory. Now and for ever. For ever. Amen – so be it!


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