Monthly Archives: November, 2016

Power to overcome

People are roughly divided into two groups – those who go to the gym (or who at least think you should), and those, like me, who have never actually been inside one – shock horror! With some people, exercise is almost an ethic, for others it’s a waste of good energy. Personally, I’ve plenty of cupboards …

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For thine is the kingdom

I’m writing as the results of the American election unfold. As fellow blogger Pieter Stok put it, the process has been “like observing a slow motion train wreck and being helpless to do anything about it.”  And so I turn to the next section of the Lord’s Prayer. I’m looking for that section, “For thine is the kingdom, the …

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Shift your focus, change the outcome

I have three wonderful (now grown-up) kids, that I am so proud of. I am amazed at their achievements, and even more amazed that my husband and I managed to turn out three such spectacular human specimens! However, I do know, sadly, that no-one in our family (me very much included) has ever achieved perfection. Come to think …

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