Monthly Archives: August, 2016

In the quiet place

A friend of mine has two children who can only see their daddy under supervision. Because he might possibly hurt them, someone has to watch how he handles them, and listen to what he says to them. The children need protecting, but it’s difficult to build an effective relationship under that scrutiny. It may also be one reason …

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Loving and giving

There are the deserving poor. Sad pictures of  children with hunger-bloated bellies, or destitute women picking a living off a rubbish heap. And then there are the undeserving poor. Plenty of them. Lazy scroungers who won’t work claiming handouts, or beggars on the city streets. And when it comes to charity, I know where I …

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Doing like Father

What is the difference between God and a consultant? …   God doesn’t think he’s a consultant! Actually most consultants I’ve come across are really professional and caring, but there’s one who is unbelievably rude and singularly unhelpful. Loads of official complaints against him, but he still draws an enormous salary for insulting his patients. Doesn’t it make your …

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