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How to get promotion

If you had the choice, which laws would you want to see changed? Answers on a postcard…or maybe a postcard isn’t big enough?! There are some¬†laws which are not going to change any time soon, or any time at all. In Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus told his disciples that he had not come to abolish the …

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I loved doing the lesson on light. Put some shiny objects, wrapped sweets, fun stuff, in a shoe box. Cut a small hole one end of the box, and cover the top with a single layer of tissue paper. Then put the lid on the box. Have the kids look through the hole into the …

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They have been making salt here in Cheshire since Roman times. Even now there is a natural salt spring, which is used for the local ‘brine baths’. The museum will tell you how they¬†boiled up the extracted brine in the old salt houses to make some of the finest salt you can get. For Jesus, …

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