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How to get promotion

If you had the choice, which laws would you want to see changed? Answers on a postcard…or maybe a postcard isn’t big enough?! There are some laws which are not going to change any time soon, or any time at all. In Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus told his disciples that he had not come to abolish the …

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I loved doing the lesson on light. Put some shiny objects, wrapped sweets, fun stuff, in a shoe box. Cut a small hole one end of the box, and cover the top with a single layer of tissue paper. Then put the lid on the box. Have the kids look through the hole into the …

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They have been making salt here in Cheshire since Roman times. Even now there is a natural salt spring, which is used for the local ‘brine baths’. The museum will tell you how they boiled up the extracted brine in the old salt houses to make some of the finest salt you can get. For Jesus, …

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