Monthly Archives: February, 2016

The cost

“You must have done something right,” she grinned at me. We’d both interviewed for the same job, which she had got, but then I’d been offered another post. Mine had turned out a whole lot easier than her class load of monkeys, and she was half way to desperate. For the same pay, I’d come out …

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The peace

Today there is some hope of a ceasefire for Syria, as world powers have announced their intention to seek a nationwide cessation of hostilities. We can only hope and pray that they do find a way through, to bring an end to the chilling horrors of war, in a way that can produce a society …

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The aim

If someone deliberately winds you up, do you    a) go in a corner and cry   b) recognise their attempts to rile you, and stay calm   c) punch them on the nose You realise you’ve brought home a ‘works’ pen. Do you   a) feel guilty but put it in the drawer   b) …

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