Crying out for more

One of my ex-colleagues has just had a new baby. Delightful pictures abound on Facebook. I’m absolutely thrilled for her. But what those pictures don’t show, is the weary, exhausted parents following night after sleepless night of incessant crying, and the constant round of feeds, getting the wind up, changing; keeping the little one safe, comfortable and satisfied. Babies, delightful and wonderful as they are, take a lot of looking after.

One of the saddest things I ever heard (on a course about communication) is that a baby might stop crying. If its needs are not met; if its crying is not attended to, it will eventually learn that there is no point wasting energy. It just gives up. An uncrying infant is a pitiful thing. It will not survive long unless someone intervenes.

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Like the healthy infant who knows how to put its lungs to good use, our spirits should be shouting out within us for spiritual food. A friend was just telling me the other day, how, when she first gave her life to God, she couldn’t get enough of him. She was hungering and thirsting for righteousness. She wanted more of God, in every which way she could experience him more.

That’s where we are supposed to be. Hungry and crying out for more of God.

The reality? Most of us have to employ strict discipline on our lives (at the very best) to keep nibbling at God’s word in the bible, to keep praying, to keep attending church services, to keep seeking after righteousness. We might feel we’ve had enough spirituality for one day, we’ve done our bit, we’ve done what it takes to keep God happy. Satiated.

I want to be spiritually hungry and thirsty. I want to be desperate for more of God. Like the baby that has stopped crying, has my spirit given up calling out to me because my human, fleshly bit has stopped listening? Because the cries of my spirit have been drowned out by the call of much more interesting things like TV soaps and computer games? Or simply that the demands of other things like work and family needs have shouted louder?

Lord help me to listen to my spirit crying out for the things of God. And let its voice grow stronger as I pay attention, to meet my own spiritual NEEDS.


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