What if…?

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where any disease could be instantly healed? What if people prayed in the name of Jesus for the sick and they were ALL made well? Wouldn’t that be amazing! Wouldn’t people be flocking into church and turning to Christ? Surely it would be instant revival! That’s what happened In Matthew 4:23-25. Wherever Jesus went throughout Galilee, they would bring the sick, and he would heal them. Of course large crowds followed him! These were amazing signs and wonders, and they certainly caught the attention of the people.

So why doesn’t it happen like that now, today, where I live, where I go to church, when I pray? Doesn’t the same Holy Spirit live and work in me?

Leaving that thought to one side for a moment, there is something going on in the world where healing is consistently taking place. And it’s totally amazing! I’m not talking here about what the medical profession are achieving (and that is wonderful too), but look at your own body. Catch a cold, and within a few days you are right again. Cut your finger, or break a bone, and it heals. There is the most wonderful healing taking place within each of us all the time. New cells taking the place of old, immune system fighting off countless unseen bugs. Are we amazed? No. We take it for granted. That’s what our bodies do.

So I wonder, if miraculous healings took place any time we prayed, wouldn’t the same thing happen? Wouldn’t we lose our sense of awe and wonder? Wouldn’t we take it for granted too? Is that why we only see them now and again?

I’m only too aware how tough that is for someone who is struggling with serious health issues, who has received any amount of sincere prayer, who is crying out to God for the sort of healing that the body cannot naturally generate for itself.

What I do know is that when God’s presence comes in greater measure, the divine healings happen more often. And when God really turns up, the miracles, wonderful as they are, are surpassed by the awesome majesty of his glorious presence. When that happens revival comes, because people cannot resist him. He is so lovely, so loving, so powerful, so irresistible, so breathtakingly God.

Seek his hand for healing by all means. But first, seek his face.



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  2. Our discussions many times center around what we know and understand. So I guess there are persons reading this who will roll their eyes while there are others who will nod in agreement.

    So why doesn’t it happen like that now, today, where I live, where I go to church, when I pray? Doesn’t the same Holy Spirit live and work in me?

    Good question and one I ask very often in public and in private


    • Thanks for the reblog, and for stopping to comment. I think we do have to challenge ourselves on the more challenging questions if our faith is to be valid. God is not afraid of questions of faith. Rather I think he wants us to be honest.

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