Monthly Archives: December, 2015

How rich?

Do you ever feel ‘poor’? When the post-Christmas credit card statement pops through the door? When the end-of-year mortgage review makes you realise how much you’ve still to pay? When the swanky cousins flash around their expensive Christmas gifts, and you avoid showing what you got? But then you empty the fridge of all the out-of-date …

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What if…?

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where any disease could be instantly healed? What if people prayed in the name of Jesus for the sick and they were ALL made well? Wouldn’t that be amazing! Wouldn’t people be flocking into church and turning to Christ? Surely it would be instant revival! That’s what happened …

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Left behind

I feel sorry for Zebedee. There he was, heading up the family business, and someone comes along and snaffles up his two best workers. His sons to boot! What about family loyalty? What about wasted expertise? What about providing for the rest of the clan? What about the difficulties of recruitment and retention? Matthew 4:18-22 …

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