Am I legit?

Ever seen the film Rumor Has It? Sarah (played by Jennifer Aniston) questions whether her dad is really her father when it emerges that her mother had an affair, especially as she doesn’t think she is any way like him, or the rest of the family. So she goes off to find Beau, the guy who might be responsible…

Did Jesus ever question who his father was? Satan certainly tried to put the doubt in there, with the second temptation, Matthew 4:5-7. “If you are the son of God…” then do something that will make him prove to you that he really is your dad. I love the way Jesus handled it. He didn’t enter into negotiation, like, ‘Well I believe it because…’  He just put a stop to the thought. ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’ And that ended that particular discussion.

Let me ask you a question. Do you honestly believe you are a worthy child of God? Do you feel he is proud of you as his son/daughter? Can you sense him point in your direction and say, ‘Look at him/her. That’s my kid!’ It’s not so much that we are tempted to doubt that God is our Father, but that we are not up to the deal of being his true child.

We need security in our relationship with God. We can easily be tempted to remember how far we fall short, and what we have not got right. But the truth is I am still a child of God and whether or not I look and behave like the rest of the Christian family, he still loves me. 1 John 2:1-2 reminds us that if we do sin, Jesus is our advocate, the one who payed the price for our sins, and through him we are forgiven.

So once I have recognised my failing, I need to stop wallowing in it. I need to ask for, accept and appreciate my forgiveness, then get on and live a victorious life and demonstrate by my fresh actions that I am truly a child of God. And anyway, it’s the truth. He is my Father. He loves me.

It wouldn’t be a spoiler to tell you that Rumor Has It has a happy ending. When Sarah talks to her dad, she finds out he knew all about the affair but loved her mother anyway, and knew exactly when Sarah had been conceived… Ahhhh!





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