Be the boss!

I’ve just come across the most effective weight reduction diet ever. What you do is quite simple, and the weight drops off you. All you have to do is stop eating for a month or so. Of course it’s pretty tricky for that period; but the effects last for the whole of your life. From that point on, if you know you can say ‘no’ to food for a whole month, you have mastery over that stuff. You can say ‘no’ to anything you like, any time you like. You now have total control. From here on, you are the boss where food is concerned.

I think that was the purpose of the Holy Spirit leading Jesus into the desert to be tempted by the devil.  And although he fasted for an entire 40 days – well over a month – it wasn’t just about food, though of course that was the first temptation (Matthew 4:1-4). It was at the end of those 40 days that the temptations began, and by this stage Jesus knew he had mastery, total control. So when the devil suggested he use his power to provide himself with food, Jesus was on top of the situation. The victory had already been won.

We tend to think of Calvary, when Jesus died on the cross, as the point where he defeated sin and death and Satan, but here in the desert he scored the first victory. From here on, demons had to flee, sickness had to depart, no earthly powers could control him. Jesus proved his lordship.

What about you and me? The same Holy Spirit resides in those who have invited him. But what authority do we carry? Do we even have control over our own selves for starters? I am not saying that a 40-day fast is the immediate quick fix for self-control with automatic power over all things bad. But unless we have self-control, what chance is there of authority in the heavenly realms? At the end of the day, we do need to take self-control seriously if we mean business with God. What areas of life is he pointing to that you need to take back control on? Would a fast of those things be helpful? Ask God to show you the things he wants you to get victory in, and make a decision now. Be the boss!


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