Whatever you do

We’d been invited to a Christmas party at a church some distance away. The lady I was sat next to asked me about my occupation, and I waxed lyrical about my work as a special needs teacher, how rewarding it was, how I felt God had led me into it, how he gave me lesson ideas… Her next question floored me. “And what do you think your ministry is?” I’d just spent the last 10 minutes telling her all about it!

I consider I was very blessed in having a career I really enjoyed (well most of it anyway – the fun stuff with the kids; not the staff meetings, paperwork or Ofsted visits of course!) Not that I didn’t work hard – usually about 50 hours a week – but there was joy in it. Some jobs seem a really hard grind. Some I’m really glad I wasn’t called to.

One job in particular I think was really hard, was that of John the Baptist (see Matthew 3:1-6). He had been called to this ministry since his conception, and recognised Jesus as Messiah even before birth (Luke 1:41). His job was to make people aware of their sin and repent of it, to make the way for the Kingdom of Heaven. The impact on people for John, was that they wanted to clean up their lives, and were baptised to show they meant it. It happened because he lived a thoroughly clean life. It was so attractive, they came out to him in the desert because they wanted what he’d got.

Bringing the Kingdom to people. And that is my ministry and yours. Whatever job you are doing, whatever people you come into contact with, our ministry is to bring God’s Kingdom into every area of life. When you go shopping or work, take the kids to school or even at home, bringing God’s Kingdom in. Wherever we go, we need to be carrying the presence of God. For that, we need to be living a clean life, close to God, inviting him to be part of our lives wherever and whatever we are doing, asking him to radiate his love, wonder and holiness within us and through us out to others. Making God’s Kingdom accessible.


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