Dream on!

We’d just moved house into a brand new apartment. Everything was pristine and smart. Our mortgage was paid off through downsizing, and living on one level was so much easier. Then the problems over parking started. There weren’t enough spaces for all the residents; people had to shuffle their cars to let each other out; arguments flared up; the atmosphere in the block deteriorated. I started to really regret the move, as I thought back to the lovely house with our own drive…why oh why did we ever move? And then I woke up in my bed, in my lovely house. We hadn’t moved at all! It had just been a dream, and it was such an amazing relief I was still in my dear old home.

A year or two after that dream, we were looking at moving into a single-level dwelling, to accommodate my husband’s needs, as he has Parkinson’s. But that dream was still so clear in my mind, I couldn’t shake it, and we ended up doing some adaptations on our house instead. It was very messy at the time, but I’m still absolutely sure we made the right decision.

Dreams. The visit of the Magi to Jesus sparked off two – one to tell them to go back a different route to avoid Pharaoh, and the other to tell Joseph to escape with his new family to Egypt (Matthew 2:12-15). Everyone took them seriously, obeyed instantly, and as a result, baby Jesus was kept safe. Dreams like that have to be followed. They are clear and decisive, and demand our immediate attention.

But those sort of dreams are rare. Most emerge as a longing within us; a direction we feel pulled towards, but how can we know if it is right? And how do we clear all the hurdles in the way?

A friend once told me to imagine myself in a rocking chair at the end of my life, looking back over my years. The greatest achievements will be those that were hard won. The biggest regrets will be the dreams I never went after.

What dreams are you dreaming? How will you feel if you do it? How will you feel if you don’t? Not sure if you’ve got it right? James 1:5-6 tells us that if we ask for wisdom, we WILL receive it, and we should not doubt that. The right answer IS within you. If the Holy Spirit is at work in you, you can trust yourself. So Ask. Listen. Trust. And then move. No regrets.


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