Monthly Archives: July, 2015

Dream on!

We’d just moved house into a brand new apartment. Everything was pristine and smart. Our mortgage was paid off through downsizing, and living on one level was so much easier. Then the problems over parking started. There weren’t enough spaces for all the residents; people had to shuffle their cars to let each other out; arguments …

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Get on the right track, baby


The bride and groom were rather merry, so my allotted task of driving them and their mountain of beautiful gifts back to their abode from the wedding reception was rather interesting to say the least! Finally I carried the last load from my car into their new home, bid them goodbye, and closed the door behind …

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Ears to hear

I love Nativity plays. It’s a real privilege being retired, that I can get to the performances at my grandchildren’s schools. Not sure I miss all the preparation that goes into it though… Still, it’s so cute the way Mary and Joseph follow the ‘donkey’ up the aisle and onto the stage, then the shepherds …

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